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Hi everyone. Is there any hope for someone like me, casual user (Windows 10), who discovered Jovian after it was not possible to purchase anymore? I've been using the standalone 2010 trial version, which is still perfectly fine for my needs - but I can't save anything, have to restart after 10 uses etc. That's how good it is, that I've been willing to put up with all that for years, but it's still torturing, knowing how useful it would be if I could use it normally.
I see. So it means even the old 2010 version is out of reach for anyone, meaning it's not possible to buy unlock key anywhere?
I would agree that Jovian is by far fantastic (what a color picker should be) The act of newtek tossing it in the grave with it's other murder victim is an obscenity. Ken, can you grave dig and tweak it for a modern day release, now that it's held hostage by (unmentionable verbage used here)?
You mean the Stand alone version? Ya, would be nice to use it outside of Lightwave.

If you bought it & have all the orig reg info, you can set up even on Win11 for apps that can access it that way.
Yes, I do and am. I was just thinking it would be nice for those who do not have the legacy standalone. Windows is woefully under provisioned in the native color picker area. Jovian rocks :)
Well, maybe there be NDA's expirin', that sort of thing. ;)

One thing I discovered by accident some years ago when trying to decipher textures out of Daz is that, while a color value displayed in it appears different, if you need that same value in Layout, get the Daz sample visible in Layout, & use the Pick from Screen button. Click where needed & Lightwave converts to the correct color space, values, etc.

A life saver, well at least major time saver, but these days, ...
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