Issues with PC Webcam Streaming


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Good afternoon,

I am using NDI Tools and Webcam/NDI Virtual Input to use my iPhone 6 as a webcam. I am able to use the webcam with both my Mac and PC which are connected to my home network. When I am using NDI with Teams on my PC, I am able to see my webcam output for a few seconds and then the video freezes. When I switch to another camera (laptop built in) and then back, the webcam works again for a few seconds and then freezes. I am also able to get the webcam to work again if I change the input source in NDI Tools Virtual Input.

Anyone experience the same thing and know of a possible solution?



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The Window's version of Virtual Webcam lets you adjust the resolution of the webcam driver, however some apps don't like 1080p, make sure it is 720p and see if that helps. (The OSX version of Virtual Input is always 720p).

Also, on the iPhone app, the default resolution sent from the camera is 4K, which is way more than needs, set the camera quality to the 'middle' option which is 1080p from the camera (then Virtual Webcam will drop it down to 720p) and see if that makes things better.


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Thanks Kane. I ended up installing Camera for OBS Studio. Not sure why that helped but it stopped lagging. lower latency. Still using Webcam Input on my PC. Feeding that into OBS Studio and then into Teams/Zoom and it works great!
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