Issues after updating to VHR120p


Has anyone else encountered issues with their camera after updating to FW VHR120p? I have 5 NDIHX PTZ1 cameras and updated 4/5 of them without any issues and the 5th one seems to have broken in the process. Specifically, I get no video from it via NDI, and when I plug it in SDI I only get a single horizontal white line of video. When I open up the in-camera menu with the remote control, that video sends as expected, seeming to indicate that the issue might be the the optical hardware. I tried doing a factory reset, but that doesn't seem to do anything at all (firmware stays at VHR120p).

I have submitted a support ticket for this issue, but I am hoping someone might have some insight and possible fixes I can try while waiting for a response.

-is it possible to obtain an older FW version and rollback the update?

Is there a version of the factory reset that is (for lack of a better term) 'deeper' than the factory reset option in the online menu?


I'm not sure why but Newtek support closed my ticket without even attempting to contact me.
Is my Camera Bricked?


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Email me your support ticket number and I'll see what's up SBowie (@ either or
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