Is there a Mac app to take one input stream and split into 4 ndi streams?


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Is there anything available on the Mac that will allow me to input a 4k video stream from a capture card, and split it into 4 HD NDI streams? ie, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, will each have one HD image but combined into a 4k image because of the limitations of the hardware generating the signal. But then on the mac end I want it to be converted to 4 HD streams.

Thanks for any pointers.


I keep being told about this but no idea on pricing. Which suggests it's not cheap. Ballpark figure please?
It's designed for mid and high end broadcasters as the basis to build next gen IP based infrastructure, and is positioned accordingly.
If you are looking for an 'app store app' then ND Processing Engine may not be appropriate, and certainly you would not buy it just to perform this one job.
If you have budget for a piece of core NDI infrastructure for your broadcast chain you can get a quotation from an Approved Sienna NDI Systems Integrator


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That's what I presumed. I don't know the make up of the audience here but it may be a good idea to say that when you promote it. This is the second time you've replied to me with the same suggestion and it just wastes my time and yours.
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