Is there a limit to menu pages?

Lee U

Old Timer
Up to now I only ever needed 1 menu page with several topics to meet my needs. Now I need at least 8 menu pages each containing several topics to access in the one hour video.
When trying to link #8 sub menu to the root menu I cannot see or access the root unless I delete #8. Can someone pretty please explain how I might do this, or have I reached its limit? Thanks


Toaster Oven
The maximum number of menus should be 30. Attached is a comparison I have from '05. NOt sure why you are having the problem (I don't use Workshop any longer)


  • DVD Workshop comaparison.doc
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Lee U

Old Timer
Thanks Jeff. I managed to noodle usefulness from it, but was limited to 7 menus,(good enough) and 20 chptr. points. I just didn't find out how to see the menus that were created prior to the first 7.
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