Is there a free version of Lightwave 3D?


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Is there such a thing as Lightwave Limited edition? If so,
when did it come out , and is it still around. What are it`s
limitations? Thanks.


Mad Doctor
you can ask to newtek or your local reseller for
discovery edition
is limited to saving (only 400 point for layer on modeler)
for layout you cannot save scene, and render have a watermark, but it's complete in all other part, plugin and documentation.

if you are interest lw exist also in academic version, which is identical to commercial version except you can' t sell your production, but is a lot cheaper than commercial version, and if you decide to buy it, you can upgrade from academic to commercial license.


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Hey, thanks for the info I`ll check it out. Just another feature to
experiment with and see what how it works.:D
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