iPi soft now subscription (rental) based


Bummer....I was thinking of adding this to my workflow with Nevron for retargeting (which I already have)

From their FAQ:

Is license key time-limited?
Yes. We offer 3 months- and 1 year subscriptions. Subscription period starts from the date of license key activation. After license key expiration, you need another key to continue using the software.

Was almost going to drop down $500 to improve my mocap options. I'll definitely pass now. I just won't rent software, especially when they are basically charging their previous rates, but now making them yearly. I'll look for something else.


Erikals, was thinking the same thing! A couple days ago, after finding out about iPisoft, I looked up other options and Perception Neuron was on the top of my list. I sent them an email so they'll notify me as soon as the pre-order site is up. Perception Neuron will export .fbx and .bvh, so it should play nicely with Nevron for retargeting (hoping at least ;) )

actually, wouldn't surprise me if we see support for realtime Perception Neuron motion in Nevron Motion in the near future

yes, i have high hopes for this one...
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