Introducing : NDI over SRT...... ???



NDI® over SRT........ part of the Sienna ND Processing Engine Advanced Option.

Push native NDI essence *out* thru your firewall, over wide area networks, reliably with secure AES encyption. NO transcode, LOW CPU load, LOW latency, SCALABLE.

It might seem a bit odd to carry NDI over SRT, but it adds some important new capabilities, and allow for interesting and efficient new end to end workflows with no transcoding.

We all know how efficient the full bandwidth NDI codec is, so why not use it for wide area operations if you have the bandwidth ?. In the past, some folks have used NDI natively on dedicated WAN connections, but this has generally required both ends to be part of the same network or to be on a VPN to allow NDI connections to happen.
Wrapping NDI with SRT makes this process much easier, more reliable and AES encrypted - secure.

NDI over SRT - Its a tool for a few things:

- Pushing NDI OUT of a firewall protected zone (eg from main network INTO a DMZ machine), or between isolated LAN zones, on a single predictable port.
For example - PUSH NDI out of your main network into another NDI System in your DMZ without forwarding *ANY* incoming ports. Push or Pull NDI Streams between closed network zones, using a single persistent port for each stream. Add encryption if required.

- Secure and Reliable Carriage of full data rate NDI over wide area networks, for high end sports workflows, in place of JPEG2000, JPEGXS type workflows.
Typically over dedicated high bandwidth connections. SRT Protocol handles high latency links, and provides optional encryption.
Full bandwidth NDI uplink to the Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure etc. If you have sufficient bandwidth there is no need to heavily compress or transcode your streams just to uplink them into your cloud based NDI workflow.



Sienna Demonstrates Full Native Bandwidth, low latency NDI® link from USA to UK via public internet with UHDp60 native NDI essence at 280mBit/sec, using NDI over SRT, part of the Sienna ND Processing Engine.

This is native NDI UHDp60 stream over a wide area (transatlantic) network, with only a few of frames of latency.

It's the full quality, full bandwidth NDI, not transcoded or recompressed and with no loss of quality or detail.
The NDI data which is delivered is pixel-identical to the NDI data at the source.



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Look at the NDI 5 announcement today. I think NDI 5 will allow sending over wide area networks.
There are two different approaches, and we're very please that NDI users have alternatives to best suit their particular needs, courtesy of amazing developers like Sienna. :)
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