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Hi, a little problem with the network rendering:

I have 6 computers in the network, the rendering is going great (LWSN) but when one computer crashes or stops, the other computer to Keep : ( and waiting for a ok ... is there a solution?


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Did the computer crash or did the SN node crash? If the node crashed sometimes closing the node & starting it again works.

But in general I have found that if there is the slightest problem anywhere with the slimmest relationship with SN it will stuff up SN altogether!

If you have a deadline for a job I would not use that node. I know this is not an answer but the last thing you need is a temperamental node.

Not quite sure what you mean. Did you want to stop SN quicker? If so put "-t10" which means SN will stop in 10 seconds when you abort it.

@echo off
echo "Node 3 initialisation..."
cd E:\Lightwave\Programs\bin
lwsn -2 -c\\J940\lw_sn\config -d\\J940\lw_sn -q -t10 \\J940\lw_sn\cmd\job3 \\J940\lw_sn\cmd\ack3


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Thanks for the answer.

i mean, that when one pc in the network stopped the rendering - the other computers stopped also. The Network is very reliable, the single Computer unfortunately not.
In large scenes I cut them on the computer and render one from zero up - and on other pc from final image down.
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