Internet & Bandwith Talkshow 4000 - Crises


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We were producing a remote live stream using one Talkshow 4000 and two Talkshow 100s. The contributors all came on and had very good Internet conditions. We have recordings that were taken out of the SDI output from the talk shows and they all looked fantastic. This happened to coincide with the news being released from Washington DC on January 6. It was at this time that one of the contributors' bandwidth appeared to drop, although we cannot confirm that’s what happened we noticed in our control room that their signal had dropped to, 320 x 180 – their quality was subpar and their audio was inaudible. Within 5 to 6 minutes another contributor fell to 640 x 360, at this time there were other contributors that had a perfectly good band with, 1920 x 1080.

All of the Talkshows were coming off of the same switch. In fact, on the Talkshow 4000 we had the following

Channel 1 – 640 x 360
Channel 2 - Open
Channel 3 – 320 x 160
Channel 4 – 1920 x 1080

The team at our studio has surmised that this was a local bandwidth issue at the contributor's houses, that was potentially caused by the web traffic during the simultaneous political rally in Washington.

Would it be possible that this band with the issue could be contributed to something that happened in the control room? Or is it more likely that it happened from something that is out in the field out of our control?


Not the same issue, but we were having internet issues from our provider. It appears that they had a problem with a school that is near by and because of the distant learning, it was putting a strain on the internet system in our area. So I would try and guess, with everything going on in DC that day, more people were on line than normal and putting a strain on the complete system. Just my guess.


From what I can gather, any Android based "send" will come in at 640. It's an android thing and there are lots of people griping about it. Maybe that's a thing on your system?
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