intel vs AMD - Benchmark 2019

alright, you guessed it, a new benchmark scene
post your machine specs, overclock or regular, render time

here is mine >

Render time = 24 minutes 47 seconds

Intel Core i5 Quad 760 8MB Socket-1156 2.8GHz (not overclocked)
12 GB DDR3 1333MHz

2. Do not touch the computer while rendering


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here is mine, 7890xe on asus rampage vi extreme running asus turbo at 4.2ghz on all cores, 85.8 seconds (ps incase it makes a difference but hopefully not LW 2019.1.2)
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Cool, that's extreme alright.  :king:

it is impressive how much that intel is able to overclock. To the edge of Fantastic!  
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Here's my attempt.

Render Time: 10m 34s

PC specs:

Dell Precision 5810

LW 2019.1.3
Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 build 18362.356
Xeon E5-1620 v3 @ 3.5GHz
16GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
GPU 8GB Quadro M4000


yep, pretty much the rendertime i had expected.

sometimes i use this Cinebench r15 to compare,
not a 100% accurate guide, but somewhat close.

low + mid range AMD computers seem Great versus price, the top range AMDs, a bit less.

Guesstimate >
for example, 7980xe will give you about 1 min render time and cost Lots of money
and AMD Ryzen 3900X with a cheaper motherboard + CPU will cost much less than half and render in 2 minutes.
however, you would then have to build TWO computers to make the 2 AMDs render in 1 minute.... so... well...
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Rough estimate,
4x Ryzen 1700 (overclocked) machines will give you 6500 Cinebench r15 points
at less than half the price of an 7980xe.

but is it still worth it ?...
i'd say yes, and no.

it depends. if you need a huge render farm, then cool. if you don't, then perhaps not so much.


p.s. this thread is linked over at LightWiki

thanks Kevin   
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Cinebench is actually kinda worthless as a metric once you go into the high end. Some of the high core count xeons finish it in less than 10 seconds, not even giving it time for thermal throttle to come into account.

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TR [email protected] 3,8Ghz


When you do the math and factor in clock speed and core differences there isnt really much of a difference between AMD and Intel.
Very interested to see a 3000 Series CPU running this one.


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5m 15s with LW 2019.1.2

MacPro 5.1, 2xXeon X5680 @ 3.33GHz

Not bad for a 9 years old machine. Think i keep it for another 9 years ;-)

5m 15s with LW 2019.1.2

MacPro 5.1, 2xXeon X5680 @ 3.33GHz

Not bad for a 9 years old machine. Think i keep it for another 9 years ;-)

yea, this is what I was getting at, in the previous benchmark there were people getting scores back in the early 2011 - 14 with dual xeons that were equal or better than some of todays, and as you can pick up second hand dual servers for next to nothing they make a good makeshift render farm alternative.
1m 17s with LW 2019.1.3 on a AMD 2990WX

My system specs are in my signature. I currently have my 2990WX set to the default autoboost setting and have air cooling with dual Noctua fans.


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