Integrate into 11/12


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It would appear this product is no longer being developed. Most of the recent support including the creation of LW10 and LW11 menus has been by a very helpful third party. It isn't on the Newtek product page anymore, either.

Could the existing content and plugins be integrated into LW11.5/12 with the menu items as needed? Content could just be more bonus content, and you could sell the other Ammo packs separately.

There are useful tools in the set (easytext!), but setting it all up (especially if you have LWCad and some custom changes to the UI also), gets to be excrutiating.
I just wanted to point out the previous post was made more than a month ago, with no other activity in the 3DA section of the forum despite more than 1000 views of said post. So how about that integration?
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