installing 3D Arsenal into 9.6 with OS X 10.5


I downloaded the 3DAInstallGuide_Mac.pdf.

It mentions copying the ToasterDudes folder into the Applications\LightwaveD3 96\Plug-ins folder.

But, I'm not sure this is still correct for 9.6. Should I create a Plug-Ins folder there.

Also, 'Plug-ins' seems to also be spelled 'plugins' - so which is correct.

The ReadMe First.rtf on the 2nd disk of 3D Arsenal says to:

Open the 3DACT_Content_Installer folder.
Double click on the setup.jar icon.

This will install the 3D Arsenal Master Content folder in your applications folder.
But, I'm not sure if this install will work properly for 9.6 and on OS X 10.5.6?

There is an Install Presets.rtf file which says:
Install Presets.rtf

To manually install the presets:
copy all these folders to:
LightWave/Programs/Presets/Surface Editor/Surface Presets

Which also assumes the presets are within the Lightwave directory - and this certainly isn't mentioned in the 3DAInstallGuide_Mac.pdf.

So - a bit confused.

One other thing. I thought that spaces were frowned upon as in 'LighwaveD3 9.6' (which is where Lightwave now lives on my Mac).

Is this just on the PC, or is this on the Mac too?

Should I change this folder to Lightwave3D?



setup.jar will not install

I've been on the phone with tech support.

I believe I've been able to get it mostly installed. However, when I double click on 'setup.jar' in the 3dACT_Content_Installer folder, I get a null error with Install Shield.

I used terminal to extract the files in setup.jar, but tech support was under the impression these files would go into my Content directory.

As near as I can tell, they contain data files for Install Shield.

How can I get the content installed from setup.jar?
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