Installation Issue on another PC.

My editing machine was changed last week.

Now when I try to install Speed Edit 2 (Educational License) in a new PC, the following message appears:

"This Serial Number has already been registered. If you have any questions, please contact NewTek Customer Service at 1-800-862-7837 for assistance."

My previous machine had a HDD problem and can't access to it, anymore.

Please forum moderators, can you help me?


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Just email NewTek customer services, telling them that you want to transfer your copy of SpeedEDIT to a new machine and they'll send you an activation code for it.

Remember to include your product ID and serial number for that copy of SE as found in your NewTek online account when you first registered SpeedEDIT.

Remember also, that each individual licence is only usable on one machine at a time. You can't have multiple copies of SpeedEDIT on different machines all working with the same licence number. If you transfer SE to a new machine, you also need to transfer the licence for it.
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