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For almost a week now, I have been trying to get the 3D arsenal sports pack loaded onto my computer. I have talked to, two different support tech, and they did not provide me with much help. The problem I'm having is part of the images are missing when I load the scene into 3D Arsenal content file and pull them up in LW 7.5.

The only two file not working correctly are the football and the baseball pack, all of the other sports packs seems to work correctly.

When I try to reload the 3D ammo sport pack, I get the following message.

Problem running in post installation may not be completed correctly. To many back up files for $(configdest)/$(configname).

I've scanned my plug-ins, this did not fix the problem. Any assistance provide would be gratefully appreciated. I have no idea were to locate the files $(configdest)/$(configname).
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