Install prerequisites - hangs. Any help?


Had to do a restore on our VS4000. System boots fine, but once I download and install the latest update, the installation completely hangs at step 4 of 'install prerequisites'. This is the second time through the process. The first time I had to manually kill the process and start over from another restore. Now it's been 26 minutes on 4 of 4 and it appears to have hung again.

This means that not only is the Talkshow unavailable, but the program isn't even installed on the box anymore since the first step in the update is the program removes the previous install.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.


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Sorry to hear this. I think you'd be best served by speaking directly to support in this case.


Closing this loop in-case someone has the same problem - the issue is the installation of the the .NET framework. What worked for me was to download the .NET update first and install that before initiating the update of the software.
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