Inspire 3D for MacOS X?


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I currently own a version of Inspire 3D for MacOS 9. I just bought a newer Mac (G4 Tower) with MacOS X (Tiger) installed.

Is there a version of Inspire 3D written for X? I could run my current version under the "Classic Environment" in X, but considering the resources and speed needed, that seems like I'm just asking for trouble.

I was able to run Inspire in classic mode in Jaguar (10.2.8) on a G3 B/W, no problem.

With the price of Lightwave reduced so drastically, I don't think a new version of Inspire is in the works anymore. Lightwave's worth saving your pennies for, though. :lightwave
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Inspire3D future

also i'm interested to Inspire3D,take a look here:

Sign up the beta program and wait...........I hope not much.
It was plan for the Q2 2005,but I suppose that it will start in the Q1 2006,when the Lightwave 9 will be released.

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