Inspire 3D for MacOS X?


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I currently own a version of Inspire 3D for MacOS 9. I just bought a newer Mac (G4 Tower) with MacOS X (Tiger) installed.

Is there a version of Inspire 3D written for X? I could run my current version under the "Classic Environment" in X, but considering the resources and speed needed, that seems like I'm just asking for trouble.

I was able to run Inspire in classic mode in Jaguar (10.2.8) on a G3 B/W, no problem.

With the price of Lightwave reduced so drastically, I don't think a new version of Inspire is in the works anymore. Lightwave's worth saving your pennies for, though. :lightwave
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Inspire3D future

also i'm interested to Inspire3D,take a look here:

Sign up the beta program and wait...........I hope not much.
It was plan for the Q2 2005,but I suppose that it will start in the Q1 2006,when the Lightwave 9 will be released.

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Was Inspire 3D fun to play with? I always wanted one when it was for sale but it disappeared from the market before I could get it.
It was just a trimmed down version of LightWave with the same interface. There were no magic "make instant art" buttons, necessary for the basic users for which it was intended. You did not miss out.
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