Incoming signal from cellphone to talkshow VS-4000


Hi friends i have some issues with a connection between cellphone and VS-4000

After several test i know that my bandwith is not the problem.

both VS-4000 and Cellphone with skype are connected on the same netwotk. all the ports that skype needs in order to work well are open.

Iphone XS Max call to VS-4000 >> image are Good the VS-4000 received 720p without a problem

Huawei Mate 20 pro to VS-4000 >> image is very poor. only gets 360p

Motorola G5 to VS-4000 >> image poor 360p

HTC m9 to VS-4000 >> image poor 360p

all device are in the same network VS-4000 by ethernet cable and cellphones by Wifi

so the only cellphone that work fine is the apple device. is there a configuration that I don't do on the android devices?

thanks for help
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