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Feature request -

Audio indication of an incoming call (in addition to the visual indication) would be very helpful. Mostly the Talkshow (VS-100) is used to dial the participant, but in cases where the connection is intermittent, and for testing purposes, the remote end may end up calling 'in' to the show. There aren't always eyeballs on the unit - they're on the sound desk, vision desk, autocue etc..

I've been informed that it is 'off' by design as it would interfere with the broadcast, however all our audio is handled outboard with a mixing desk and clean feeds, and if I have picked this up correctly, the 1/4" jack on the rear contains a mix of call and return audio anyway, so having ringtone on this 'dirty' output would be ideal. Perhaps it is the difficulty in isolating this audio, rather than in a problem with internally routing it.

Talkshow VS-100 v2.0.17091; Skype TX v2.17.513.811
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