In need of a lathe node

I really like the curve node that was created by dpont:

Now to compliment that, a lathe displacement node would be wonderful. Something with a way to vary the curve (is that even possible?) so you don't get a perfect lathe.

It would greatly help my efforts in trying to create a bullet hole node:

And I can think of a few other ways the lathe displacement node could work.

I am digging around for me MS VS C++ cd's but I don't know if I can figure out how to make such a node.


Almost newbier
Maybe you could make two curves and blend between them
(or what they influence) with a procedural..?
Need Radial math, otherwise they'd extend the length of either X Y or Z. Dots Node seems to use that kind of math.

Edit: I think I mean I need polar math.
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