importing tracking data from DF into LW

hi there, i do not use a lot of 3D in my work but this time around i have to so here's my problem:

i have a track done in digital fusion v4 and i need to bring the data into lightwave for use there.

how do i do this?

also, is there anything else tyhat can be shared between LW and DF?



It's not too hard. You need the path active (red) in some view, then rightclick in that view choose "Path1 - Export - Lightwave mot", and save.
In Lightwave you can import that path with "File - Load - Motion path".

If you save pictures in LW as .rpf or .rla, via the "Image process - Add image filter" Extended RLA or Extended RPF, then you can use the z-buffer, object-ID and material-ID, and a few other channels to modify the images in DF, as long as you have the full version or DFX with mod 4 active.

Hope I could help,
isnt there an issue with the .mot file being an older 5.6 type format??? ive heard of such, but havnt tried myself.

I have an upcomming project whare we're shooting little girls playing with Magic Wand toys and i wanted to track the wands and do particles "pixie dust" falling off of them. The mot thing would be great. I still have an old copy of 5.6 i might have to install. Anyone else have experience with this that thay can lend a practical aplication anicdote??
pixie dust

actually, this can easily be done just in compositing, track the wand tip, and have the pareticle emitter in Digital Fusion do the darn particle fx.

if you don't use DF, any other compositing app of quality and respectablility will do, but only one that fits that description.

there is AnothEr 'compositing' packAgE that comes to mind that I wouldn't touch, not for Any purposE whAtsoEver.

if i had the module for that, i just havce the LW bundle version just 1 & 4. Im sure i could convince my producers to spring for it, it's just my expences for the last few projects were kinda high so i have to start being economical... Bit off oa little to much last month.

i see.

so you have DFX+ then but not the module for either tracking and / or particle fx? probably have the tracker but not the particles i'm guessing.

i see.

well, the technique that was described to me in an earlier post to this thread does work.

ya know, i gots a full total complete copy of DF v4 for like 2800$ CDN -including taxes and overnight fedx delivery- back in the spring, when eyeone was promoting the heck out of it, they had a big sale. that was like 5,000$ CDN off the price!

would have been a great time to get the whole deal...
apparantly those modules aren't too pricey though.
Motion doesn't line-up in LW

I just tried exporting a tracker motion file from DFX+ into Lightwave. I loaded the same .AVI as the background into Lightwave, added a Null and attached the .mot file to the Null, but they don't line-up the way they did in DFX+. Any ideas?
not lining up

check that your DF and LW preferences for display are matching for pixel aspect ratio and frame format.
this is the only thing that comes to mind for this sort of thing.
The numbers look good

DF Aspect Ratio 1:1 @ 640 x 480 and LW Pixel Aspect 1.0 @ 640 x 480.
I have no idea what's wrong, I think I've tried everything. All I'm trying to do is add some effects to a video clip in Illusion.
Thanks for your reply

Might be a problem with the zoom-value.
The camera in DFX (or DF) is strictly parallel, there's no distortion due to zoom. The camera in LW acts like a real one, meaning the lower the zoom-value, the more distortion you get in the pic (imagine a wide-angle view, like fisheye).
This bends your desired path away from where it should be. If you check closer, the path should be in its place around the center of the screen, and coming to the edges it should differ more.
The solution is to use LW with a bigger zoom-value, if the setup allows for it.

Disregard all if your problem is of a different kind :)
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