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Al Harmon said:
I use a Panasonic stand-alone and a Pioneer burner on my toaster system. Burn the original from Toaster edit onto the Panasonic using Y/C output and DVD RAM then place the DVD RAM into the burner, import the .vob file onto a hard drive and change the extension to .mpg then import into DVD Workshop as one large file. QUOTE]

Hello guys, I'm a newby. My desire is to record from TV on a Panasonic stand-alone to DVD-RAM and then burn to reg. DVD after edits. I recently picked up a HP DVD840 which plays the DVD-RAM (and DVD-RW) just fine (finally!) but I have no audio upon playback. I play CD's just fine so I know I have audio.
It's been a struggle to get to this point. Audio playback on the Panasonic stand-alone is fine. I just don't have it on the computer. I tried changing whatever options I have available as far as playback devices. (I have the Creative Audigy). II've been trying to Googlize the issue. Any ideas welcome. Cheers, Andrew


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Hello Andrew,

I'm a little confused.

Are you playing a DVD-RAM in a PC and getting no audio...? Or....?

Are you trying to get footage from a DVD-RAM into the VT?


I have some ideas but don't know if I am in the right area....



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Hi Jim, Thanks for taking an interest.
As a music nut, my intent is to record VH1 classic videos or interviews of interest on DVD-RAM or DVD-RW via the Panasonic DVD Video Recorder, snip out the ads and reburn the cleaned up and organized video selections to DVD-R from my PC. I can do some editing on the VR but it would be much easier via PC software. So I would be looking for a editing and playback solution on the PC. Needless to say having good video and sound would satisfy me going forward to editing what I have and to the next step of a final burn.

My PC's DVD burner supports DVD-RAM and am able to play the DVD-RAM video directly from the computer's DVD-RAM drive or if I copy the vro file to the hard drive and rename the extension to mpg I get the same result, good video, but no sound. I know I have sound on the DVD-RAM as it plays back normal on the VR and I do know I have sound on the computer as it plays cds and DVDs just fine. At this point I think I need a special codec for the encoded DVD-RAM? If it would have played correctly as a mpg but not from the RAM disk then I might have suspected a need for a driver or firmware update of my drive. Would you agree? However I am not getting a prompt to download a codec from Windows Media player ver. 10 nor from PowerDVD 4.0. I think I even tried Ulead, all with the same results. I don't have a clue which one to look for.

I have the Creative Labs Audigy 2 sound card. I see an AC3 option in the properties plus I have tried all other sound card player options with no luck.

I think if we can get this figured out, it would answer the same question for a good number of people trying to do a similar thing. I downloaded Orion Studio HD demo and didn't have any luck either as it makes my system crawl.

Anyway, am eager to see your response.... :)


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P.S. As far as model specifics:

The standalone DVD Recorder is a Panasonic DMR-ES15
and on the PC I have both a HP DVD840 and a Sony DRU 820A
I got the HP for the DVD-RAM option + LightScribe and then a few days later the Sony as it was on sale and thought it was good for a mobile unit (USB enclosure) and in a way I was hoping to get different results (besides a lighter wallet). It appears the burden is to decode what the Panasonic encoded. Thanks again for any help. Andrew


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P.P.S. For those of you looking for a DVD-RAM for the computer, the HP I got from Circuit City for about $100 and Best Buy has the Sony on Sale this week for $60 (not bad for a "Multi". Both are internal units. Lights out.... Andrew

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if you record onto a dvd ram disk with your panasonic you can load it drectly into DVD workshop useing the import button down by the time line.
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