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Does anyone know how to import an autocad file into lightwave? Is there a plug-in I need or what? Any help would be appreciated.



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Dman, export your AutoCAD files as 3ds. Make sure you have facet and view resolutions set fairly high if you're exporting cylindrical or curved surfaces. Import 3ds object into LW modeler by choosing "Import Object", choose "all files", 3ds object will show up. I'd recommend reducing polygons in object once it's in LW Modeler, then make sure 1) geometry is all there and 2) polygon surface normals are pointing in the right direction. HTH

To all of you, thank you for all your help. I lurk here on occasion and find this forum to be extremely valuable because of the experienced and knowledgeable artists who generously give their time to assist in LW problem-solving.


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I've done this route a lot, this is how I did it:

1) Export out of AutoCAD as .DXF and try loading that into LW modeler

2) If that doesn't work and you have Illustrator 8 or up, export from AutoCAD as .DWG (might need to clear any hatching in the AutoCAD file first, Illustrator doesn't like them!)

3) Export from Illustrator as .AI or .EPS v8 or below (v9 and above is PDF format now, not Postcript)

4) Import into LW Modeler

Worked for me!


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Forgot to add, the Illustrator route is 2D AutoCAD only, not 3D, otherwise try the route by auntieamry.

To add, for 3D imports I've found the .DXF import better than .3DS or .OBJ, but that might be down to the program that exported the model file, some are better than others.
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