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Hey all,

New to Tricaster here (TC1) and trying to find help but haven't been able to find much documentation.
I'm trying to import a custom animation from AfterEffects (with Alpha) into the transition manager area but I can never see the files. It's looking for an .effects to .trans file if my memory serves me correctly. What's the best way to get a video in there?

Likewise, I tried the Animation Store Creator and was able to import a PNG sequence and Export "To this Tricaster".... but I can never find where it exports out to or how to import to Tricaster.... can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Thank you!


The best way is to use an After Effects Sequence is to save out the PNG sequence and use ASC. After you export it, go to the place where you want to use that transition, Mouseover it and you'll see a plus sign appear, click on that and then scroll down and you'll see "Animation Stores" and click on the "User" choice and you'll see your exported transitions there
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