Image sequence crashing render nodes

Eric Pratt

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I've been using screamernet for years just fine, but today I've run into a problem that's got my hair coming out in clumps and fistfuls.
The screamernet nodes are crashing whenever they hit a texture with an image sequence in it. The only node that isn't crashing is the one on the host pc.
I've tried moving the sequences to different folders, changing the memory settings, the starting numbers of the sequence, editing the scene and model files directly to see if some mistake happened, I've tried three different scenes with image sequences with textures in them and they all crash the nodes.
And the nodes are spread all throughout the office, so everytime I test them I have to wander all around the office turning the nodes back on.
Any help... could save my hairline


i remember i got crash troubles with jpg sequences. Works well with others file formats.
Don't think it's possible to use avi output wirth screamernet, but only file sequence.
im wrong?

Eric Pratt

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Well, I'll be hog tied and bullwhipped. That was it, I was going out of my mind there for a while. I owe you a case of 1664, or a bottle of Chimay, or just a Heinekin at the IBC pub if you're going this fall. Many thanks.
Still, two of the machines did crash, six is enough for me, but I'm just wondering why the .tga files would crash two machines, and the .jpg files would crash usually 8 (though not always). Perhaps this ought to go on a bug list somewhere?


coz i can't go to IBC, i will choice Chimay!
hehehe, happy to help.
Never got problem with tga files. I use them everyday with no trouble.


Eric Pratt

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Eric Pratt

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No, really, I'm serious. It was a simple answer, and I probably would have found it out in a few hours or days. But really, my sanity was dwindling already, and what value do you place on your time and sanity? Certainly it's worth a bottle of fine beer made by monks in Belgium. I just can't find anywhere in Europe to order it online and it seems kind of silly to get one here and then send it back to Europe.
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Tom Wood

I just had to say reading this gave me a chuckle. I've received so much help on this board, I'd go bankrupt buying beers for everybody, but it would still be worth it.

You might also try PNG image sequences and see if the smaller file size helps.



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I haven't tried Screamernet yet, but I get the exact same problem in Layout with TGAs.

I'll load a scene with surfaces that have sequences applied and when I do a test render, as soon as it hits the surface with the sequence applied, Layout disappears.

No crash. No Doctor Watson. No blue screen of death. Layout just vanishes like a fart in the wind.

The only way I was able to make it work in Layout, was to go into image editor and scrub the sequence first, before doing any test renders, or full renders.

That's probably why screamernet is crashing... but there's no way to "scrub" in screamernet to solve that problem...
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