Imag latency testing through E2 & Projector


I just spent a day with some colleagues doing some comprehensive real-world latency testing. We used an E2, Christie Boxer, BMD Ursa Broadcast and three different switchers: TC2E, BMD Constellation and Vmix. We also compared a Sony FS7 and a Panasonic AJ-CX4000 and found them the same. The results were pretty much as expected but good to get solid data. The Constellation is the clear winner for lowest latency and it should be noted that using supersource on any M/E adds 1 frame latency to all outputs. My tech manager colleague is of the opinion that 6 frames is the ideal maximum latency for high-end Imag applications so the TC2E is on the threshold of being too slow with Vmix being outside the window entirely.

URSA-TC2E2PJ - Boxer7
URSA-ConstellationE2PJ - Boxer3NO SUPERSOURCE
URSA-ConstellationE2PJ - Boxer4SUPERSOURCE
URSA-VMixE2PJ - Boxer10
The TC2 and TC1 should be able to do 1.5 frames of latency from end to end but at the moment its around 4 when using SDI. Hopefully this gets back to the old latency with an update and then the TC2 would be closer to the constellation.
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