I'm Losing Z depth info...


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I've got a project I'm trying to put together for a deadline, but one of the bits of RPF footage is a little too short. No problem I thought... I'll use timespeed and slow things down a little. Only problem is the Z depth info gets lost making the composite impossible :(

Does anyone know how I can retime the footage without losing the Zdepth channel?

Thanks in advance!

Would it be possible to extract the depth channel into it's own image sequence, then retime that to match the other retimed footage?
I haven't tried, but I will as soon as I can. I foresee myself running into that same problem here. Please post a solution if you find one.

Bill C.


Lightwave junkie
Sadly I couldn't find a solution thats gave good results, so in the end I rendered some extra footage, which took 3 hours - about the same amount time I had been scratching my head on the issue! :rolleyes:
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