If lightwave would finally stop development, how could easily people keep improving its tools or even adding new ones?


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Third party development for Mac LW users is already at a large disadvantage because of the extra resources required to keep up with Apple's moving targets. Modern Mac users are limited to LW 2018 or newer. Only Windows users can run LightWave versions from the past 20 years.
Apple have just joined Blender's Development Fund.


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...it is down to us "average Joes" learning Python and sharing/selling what we know, like Ryan Roye did. :)
I'm hoping the smiley demonstrates a jest. There's a huge difference here. Ryan gained his knowledge in an era when LightWave was actively developed and marketed. Without marketing from NewTek, any market for LW plugins is just going to get smaller. Now is not the time to start learning Python for LW. There's much more room for profit and advancement learning Python for any other 3D application.

Even the most prolific 3rd party Python developer (Oliver) has given up on LW.

Before anybody dives into starting to learn lscript or Python for LW, I suggest you contact NewTek and ask them if it is a good idea. :D <--now that is a blatant jest. (NewTek will never answer.)


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You're quite right of course, but I was thinking of the people who want to stay on LW for as long as possible. My own biggest fear is an operating system break. Funnily enough I heard that Windows 11 was going to be better for older apps than version 10. Was sorry to hear about plight of Mac users, though I am still toying with idea of getting Sasquatch ressurector by Truearts... :)
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