I was able to 'blink' !!!


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Hi all:

I am teaching myself character animation.
For this project, I am using lightwave 5.6
I loaded the crestline humanoid head, and moved one eyelid down to
make a couple keyframes to make the eye blink once.
the result was horrible and did not look good (is my first time 'blinking'.
I did all this in layout.
But today, i was using morph gizmo for fun, and I decided to load
one anchor and one target object of a head with eyes open and close.
I setup keyframes and played the animation back, and VOILA,
now the eyes blink well, and they look super, an excellent blinking
eyes animation. SO now I know how to blink the eyes. All I need
is to make an anchor and morph targets of the eyes open and close,
then load them in morph gizmo.
If I just use layout it does not look good, but using morph gizmo
the eyes blinking look great.
I am so happy to 'blink' !!!

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