I need documentation & SDK_VT5 examples


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I am involved in a project in a University television where we are trying to
integrate a Panasonic multipurpose robotic camera system with our
Videotoaster 5.

We are trying to automate the change of camera preset when the “shot” field of liveset tab is changed. What we need is to monitor the “shot” field of the liveset tab of the switcher and, when it changes, get its content, get the content of the “scene" field and get the selected camera in the preview bus to send see with preset is needed and send an RS232 command with it

We have contacted Dr. Andrew Cross who told us that this has to be done with SDK and has indicated us which function to use to monitor the change, but as we have no examples of code in the SDK, we haven not been able to make it work.

The first problem we have is that we don’t know which libraries to include and we are having problems with some of the libraries that seem to be missing or in different directories. We have the VT05_SDK071012 version

We have been looking for documentation of the SDK but we have found nothing.

Can someone send us an example of code to build upon it? (for example the "Output Example" and "Output Example With Alpha" that someone has mentioned) or tell us where to find documentation?

Thank you very much
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