I miss Vidget


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I sure hope there is a way to bring Vidget back. It was especially good with image sequences. You could right click a folder full of TGA image sequence and Vidget knew you want them converted maybe in an avi ..or mpg. It was great. Even now several years later it's dificult to find batch converter software converting back and forth between images / video . And so easy ?


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I miss it too. I've been using Quicktime Pro but I miss the simple usability and ease I had with vidget. :(


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Vidget was great. Loved just clicking on a file and converting it.

A little program that did what it stated.


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Actually, I could sure use something like this now...convert my m2v files to something programs like SpeedEdit will eat nicely.


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I think part of the problem is that there are Sooooo many "flavors" of video now. Even exporting a "simple" .mov file has so many variables depending on the application it's going to, it can boggle the mind.

As soon as the world quits creating different file formats, NewTek will again bring out Vidget.
Oh crud, I guess neither will ever happen. :( :cry:
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