I know we haven't spoken much...


I wish you the best Bob. Thanks for all you did for this community. I still have your printed BML manual (probably the disks too somewhere). :)



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Good luck in your new adventures Bob, you have helped me and many others during your time at NT and you should rightfully be very proud of what you have achieved. Onwards and Upwards.


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Good luck Bob, don't suppose "Mozillian" wants to get into 3D, I hear VisRT is selling a piece of 3D software.
Thanks Bob, Lscript was one of the few "programming" languages that I actually enjoyed. Even a non-coder like me was able to do some useful and hopefully creative things with it over the years. It's still the heart of my LW to Dragonframe/Mantis motion control pipeline.

Best of luck in the future.
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