I know we haven't spoken much...


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... and I apologize for that. However, now is probably one of those times when it would be good to say something, even if it is "goodbye."

My name is Bob Hood. Some of you may know me. ;)

I have been involved with this product we all love for a very, very long time. However, after nearly a quarter of a century, I will now be moving on from NewTek (a.k.a. Vizrt). I wanted to post this final message in a meager attempt to convey my overwhelming gratitude to all of you for your support of the product, and of my team, throughout many happy years of serving you.

Tomorrow I become a "Mozillian", employed as Engineering Manager on the Firefox browser. Ironically, I may be just as much a part of your lives going forward as I was on LightWave. 😊

All my best to you and your families, and, again, my humble and heart-felt thanks to you all for having made this such a wonderful journey for me.


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So sorry to see you go Bob... thanks for the work you did on LightWave and I wish you much luck in your new venture!


Good Luck Bob on your new position, (y)

Firefox is my first choice of webbrowser, followed by chrome, then edge ..but rarely edge.
I think I just prefer it´s UI and working with tabs, bookmarks and some addons perhaps.
Thank you for the fabulous LightWave contribution throughout the years!
Bob Hood, i've heard that name throughout the LW times.

a Firefox user here by the way, an easy choice.


All the Best,
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I'm absolutely gutted to hear that you're leaving Bob.

I truly wish this wasn't the case, but no doubt there are very good reasons for it.

I'm happy that you've landed another role and can continue to deliver your high quality of engineering to others. Hopefully one day you'll be able to return to LightWave but in the mean time, best of luck in your new position and thank you so much for everything you did for the LightWave community over your many years of tenure.

All the best mate.
Thrilled for you, Bob!
I am happy to see you go, jumping ship for one afloat and welcoming your skills.
Appreciate that you took a moment to acknowledge and express your thanks to the community.
Take care,


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Thank you for all your years of service towards a great and innovative product like Lightwave. As long as it still boots up, I'll continue to use it. Change is tough. I, too, have recently left a company of 23 years from changes in management also. But now I'm better off because of it, and I'm sure you will be too. Best of luck on your new venture.


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Good luck on your new endeavours!

Also a happy Firefox Developer Edition user here with currently around 280 tabs open ;-)


Good luck on your new endeavours!

Also a happy Firefox Developer Edition user here with currently around 280 tabs open ;-)

I Knew we had something more in common than just "B" :D:eek:
A tricky one when rendering, shutting all tabs down should be a part of the routine.

Usually I prepare and create a boomark folder called Tabs or windows, use ctrl c to copy it, then select those two to copy them, then there´s four to copy, then there´s eight to copy.
And then I right click and select all tabs, drag them to whatever folder I like, so I could be having 20 tabs in one window, 50 in another, 10 in another etc..and simply place them in various bookmark folders that way.
So in case of firefox crash I recall them that way, or if there is many tabs of interest keep those bookmarked.
The recent two years though, firefox rarely crashes nowadays.


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There's no need to leave you are always welcomed here, drop here from time to time, and congratulations on the new job.

I wish you the best (y)
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