I have a small question


I know how to edit the Lscript files but how can you edit the "p" plugins ?

and does any of you know which P plugin is "soften reflection" (in the processing tab, image filter)



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.p plugins are written in C and compiled for a PC (or mac). You can edit them but they are unreadable (binary machine code == unreadable by most human beings).

I hear that they run about 10 times faster than LScript - and someday I'm gonna write me one. ;)


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I beleive any C compiler will work, such as Microsoft, or Borland. I am not sure on the derivitives though, like C##, C+, etc.
Both Borland and Microsoft have hobby compilers besides their pro versions.


thanks dodgy for the link,
I already programmed some tiny tiny little program with delpi from borland with a friend..
I heard C is a lot harder... it seems hard to start in C without any class..


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Lightwave plugins are just windows .dlls with a .p extension :)

If you compare the c plugins in the sdk with lscripts, they're fairly similar, except c makes things more explicit. I've managed to get a c plugin compiling and running, but have yet to write my own from scratch :)


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I'm trying to move over from lscript to C aswell, looking to mainly be able to code my own Modeler tools. I've read up abit on C, read some parts in the SDK, looked through some source code to try and understand how every line contributes. I'm not there yet and just like Dodgy I've still to write my own working(!) plugin. Compared to lscript, the SDK sure is confusing if you've had no previous programming experience (except for lscript), especially so with MeshEditTool plugins (Modeler Tools) - values and pointers are jumping all over the place!

Lscript was easy to get into, thanks to good docs (imho) and a wealth of examples to learn from. SDK has no good docs (for novice programmers) and only a handfull of examples to learn from. The lack of examples (especially really simple ones) is imo the biggest disadvantage.

Intro to C online:

This tutorial on how to set up a custom LW project in DevC++ is invaluable!
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After a while I would like to get into programming with C. I read a book several years ago on the subject. But, that info is fading away. :eek:
I agree, I think there should be more examples for both C and Lscript using useful code, that means something. More or less to get you excited about your creation.


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Silkrooster, I'm in the same boat, I used to be able to program C a loooong time ago, now I can't remeber a thing about it!

I'd love to write my own .p plugins, but I think I'll try and improve my lscript "skills" first!
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