Huntsman Damaso


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Huntsman Damaso

Damaso is the strongman of the lowlands, he proudly wore his most priced hunt... the Gretora crown. A venomous Higat on his arm displays his muster of courage and power among his brethren for they believe he will bring the head of the Menangoul.

My sketch piece for my online porfolio, let me know what you think guys, have more drawings in my site.


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Graham Toms
that is beautiful craftsmanship plus their is a slight, deliberate stylization to the aesthetic treatment......bravo


New member
Man this is great, and exelent concept.
i realy loved the painted version on ur portfolio, pleas post it when u finish it.


Crossed the mantle...CORE
Amazing portfolio. Would love to have a fraction of your talent.
Going to explore fully when I get back home.


New member
talent alone is nothing, it most have took years of practice to get that good. Right ? Anyway I'm not a big fan of all the fantasty stuff but I really dig your girls, the portraits especially the star wars character. Overall solid work :thumbsup:
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