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Well, someone had to kick this off - I'm no artiste, but this area needs some colour :)

This is a single frame from an old test anim using Illusion with Aura. Obviously it looks a lot better animated, but although I tried every trick in the book, I couldn't get in under the 100k limit.
@SBowie__________every artist has to start somewhere.
( all in all, it's not a bad work ).

Here's a fine music video to give you a little hope:
[Link removed ...]
" HELP IS ON THE WAY " by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.
Duration: 3 min. 40 seconds.
Added to YouTube on Dec. 26, 2008 by deskyles.

This music video seems to express your feelings toward the " Humble Beginning " artwork:
[Link removed ...]
( Bluegrass Gospel ).
By: Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.
Duration: 2 min. 45 seconds.
Added to YouTube on Jan. 14, 2009 by deskyles.

Signed: Robert Singletary__Tuesday November 16, 2010__11:00 A.M.
(eastern standard time) USA
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put your hands on your hips , and bend your knees in time , its the pelvic thrust that realy drives me insane .................... LETS DO THE TIMEWARP AGAIN .........

I rest my case : KICK BAN
Ha , Epic Bot fail and here is to why , It referenced that you were the last one to post "STEVE " in the thread that it was active , which you closed , so it pulled the first thread .



'the write stuff'
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Ha , Epic Bot fail ...
All good clean fun. :)

@SBowie__________every artist has to start somewhere. ( all in all, it's not a bad work ).

All in all, it's pretty crummy, but it was fun 8 years ago when it was posted.

Oh, btw - it's not unusual for members to post an occasional off-site link re: some topic of broad interest, but there's a line beyond which it becomes spam. Sadly, you crossed that line some time back now. I think I'll just arbitrarily and retroactively limit you to one off-site link per week for the foreseeable future. Also, as since you've been here you're well over a reasonable personal quota, any links posted for the foreseeable future - oh, let's be fair and say until Jan, 01, 2011 - will be summarily excised. (Ignore this polite hint at risk of further consequences.)

p.s., sad that this is what it takes to get some action in here! :D
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