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Your too humble in my opinion. If LW has problems I guess you're finding them all as you develop this project. The hand is amazing also, thought that might've been a real one.


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I'm soooooo glad the forum notifications are back online... I would have missed this update!

I LOVE seeing your work Chris! Outstanding! :)


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video plays fine here, really nice surfacing on those models! And yes you might be surprised what you can do with a noisy render with a composite app. Those programs were invented to correct 3D renders (sometimes), not just make them slightly more pretty.
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Utterly fantastic work.

If you told us what the render times were, would we laugh nervously and then faint?

And it plays smoothly at 720 in England.


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Mind blowing work, and very smooth on my PC / Browser. Probably a display driver or browser issue causing slowdown.


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Smooth playback here! I enabled HD and watched it in 1080p. No hickups!

Amazing work Chris. Mindblowing, to say the least. Very, very cool!

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Your work is truly inspiring, I've still got a few years before I catch up with some of the veterans around here, even so it's rare that I get that enjoyment in seeing something that made that made CG such an exciting prospect in the years gone by, but that feeling still returns when you get to watch something like this.

Excellent work :thumbsup:
Thanks for the compliments, and the confirmation on the playback - looks like I need a GPU upgrade then (unsurprisingly).

I'm trying to avoid any post at the moment because, well... it's supposed to be just a test, and because I like to keep as much in-camera as possible rather than covering up blemishes in post and winding up with an accumulation of flaws to deal with each time I revisit. Having said that, I might have been tempted to add some denoising if I had a good filter on hand... ;)

I should also state that there was an inordinate amount of compositing involved, but that's just due to my "fix as you render"™ workflow. If I had to re-render now it should look the same without any compositing (except the hand, which was a special case).

Render times were about 50-90 minutes per frame, except the first few seconds worth which were taking 2-3 hours. I sent those ones to Garagefarm to hurry things along, but the network rendering issue I mentioned earlier slowed it back down again.
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Beautiful work, Chris! You are certainly pushing the boundaries with LW. I remember tackling the eye about 10 years ago using Fprime and G2. Lately, I've done a ton of tests trying to develop teeth shaders using Sigma 2 and the various skin shaders, each one having it's own limitations. Since Dan recently created the videos on rolling your own SSS shader, I'll be looking at that. Thank you for sharing all your hard work. I can appreciate the amount of hours of experimentation you must have gone through to come up with such stellar results. Kudos!


Chris i am not sure what kind of stuttering you have but if you Google "stuttering youtube play"
or something similar you will see that it is a problem that some users have for a long time.
I have it too in many browsers for years (with slow or fast cards).
The strange thing is they play only in the Tor Browser right. But that is me.
Your problem or solution might be different of course.


Awe inspiring level of realism - you've obviously got a very keen eye for detail and a wicked sense of humour Chris - congratulations! :)


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I´m positive as to Lightwave devs hearing talented people requests such as Chris. This guy is putting the software in the map big time.
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