hub on Mac..?


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hi all
does hub work on Mac OS?
should I avoid? if so, how do I disable..
..I remember it not on 9.6..
I'm used to working without it.


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I have been using the hub on the Mac. When I start Layout, the hub starts up automatically. It does a good job of keeping Layout and Modeler synched. Even if I add additional layers to a model in Modeler, it keeps Layout updated. Years ago, that used to be more of a problem. If you make a change in Modeler, then save, it always makes Layout update. If you make a change in Modeler, and do not save, you may have to select "Synchronize Layout" in the dropdown next to the layer icons.

I know that the hub can be flakey from time to time. There is a script in the OD Toolset, if you have it, that is called "No Hub Pro". That has good functionality for synching Layout and Modeler.

But, I can't say that I really have any issues with hub on the mac.
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