Hub not quiting when I quit Layout

When I quit Layout and have no other programs open and I shut down my Windows machine, I keep getting a warning saying that 1 program (Hub) is still active - am I sure I want to shut down.

But when I go to task manager, Hub is not showing up as open or running.

Any idea what might be going on here and how I can make sure Hub has quit?


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Are you looking in the full detailed list of processes in Task Manager, for all users? Hub should operate under your user account and be visible in the default view. However, expanding the process view to all users may reveal something.

Hub should automatically close about 60-90 seconds after Layout closes. Are you attempting to shut down immediately after closing Layout, or have 90 seconds passed and you still get the warning?
Thanks raymondtrace, I think youve hit the nail on the head on both counts.

I had to expend the view in task manager to find Hub and quit it.

And it does actually seem to quit by itself after a minute or two... I guess I was just used to how things were on Mac and with Windows its a bit different.

thanks again for your help
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