Howler 2022 build 38

We've got a small new build of Howler after a 3 months hiatus after we had some setbacks with equipment breakdown and theft.

  • Fixed bugs in the media dropdown menu that arose from changes to the media panel in the last major build.
  • Added "Copy to clipboard" and "save as" to the Stored Image dock.
  • You can now right-click on a stored image to bring up the context menu
  • The AA pen now can use the various drawing modes, which are no longer ghosted out in the "modes" drop-menu.
  • It works by converting the aapen to a custom brush when those modes are selected.

This is a free update to Howler 2022 users. Currently, anyone can get Howler for the price of an upgrade whether you are a user of previous versions or not. Just visit

Also, we are in the process of recovering, but these are still hard times. I'm trying to transition to writing my book because income from Howler isn't enough to live on anymore, but if anyone would like to help or be a Patreon, please visit

For current 2022 users, email me and I'll get you the latest build. [email protected]
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