How to tell what mode the user is in? (point, edge or polygon)


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I'm trying to write a plugin. I'm using the LWMESHEDIT_CLASS. This appears to work on points, edges and polygons alike and my plugin could work with any of these. And in Lightwave, you can have 3 selections at the same time, one for each type. However, I can't tell what mode the user is in. How do you do this? I've seen commands get disabled if you switch modes. How do you do this?

edit: I found the SRVTAG_ENABLE tag. You can tell it when it should be enabled, but appears to only support one type at a time. It'd be annoying to write three different plugins for the same thing. Is there a way around this?

edit2: Actually, I think I can have three entries in the ServerRecord struct, each with its own tags. So by having three different activations that all go to the same code except for the initial setup, I can have a single plugin.

Looks like I answered my own question. Now if only I could determine which UV map is currently selected, I'd be all set.
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