How to start a clip on 3play - automatically from Tricaster?

It has to be used for sports, so no constant length of the clips, of course. So, we can take it for 100% sure - no way 3PLAY can "ping" TC once the clip has reached the end? Strange... This need seems, to me, as not a rare one: any chance to upgrade TC/3play with this version in next version(s)?
I should mention that NDI offer some powerful new possibilities in this connection. I'm not positive if, and which public software versions might have this yet (I'll see if I can find out today), but send the entire list of 3Play shortcuts (including one of my favorites, "play_macro_byname") directly from a TriCaster to a 3Play - without http syntax or ip numbers, etc. - is now possible when the latter is connected to a TriCaster input over an NDI connection, by using the prefix netn - where n is the input the 3Play is connected to.

This mechanism greatly expands and simplifies the control possibilities. The reverse - controlling the TC from the 3Play across an NDI connection - is not yet implemented.
I believe there is no need to make 3play control TC. I am trying to get final proof there is no a signal/impuls coming from 3play once the clip ended? If so, then really I don't see TC could know when that clip ended.

@ SBowie - where to look for more information about all these shortcuts you mentioned?
There is no signal that is sent out when the 3PLAY reaches the end of a clip.

I see a two main solutions for this.

1. As I mentioned, you can set timing the macro for preset amounts of time. As you mentioned, this might not work in all cases, specially if you clips are often not the the default on button marking length.

2. Make two macros, one to start the start the replay and a second to end the replay. This will reduce the 'replay dance' down to two buttons and will handle any length clip.

There is a third method if you are into software programming, where you get the metadata from a 3P1 system and then have a program figure out the timing to send commands to both the TriCaster and 3P1 system, but this wold take some work.
@ SBowie - where to look for more information about all these shortcuts you mentioned?
There are several ways to find the shortcuts available on a given system. The simplest and often most useful is to simply record a macro, then use the macro editor to determine what shortcuts were captured, and what sort of parameters they involve.

The basic syntax of shortcuts is discussed in the Automation and Integration Guide, which might well be installed on your 3Play system along with the user guide (at home now, can't check), and certainly is found on most current TriCasters. You can also download the A&I Guide here:

This pdf used to list all the shortcuts, but in the most recent edition it does not. It does, however, tell you how to find the file named shortcuts_cfg.xml on your system, which has a complete listing.
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