how to send LW uv map to director


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I am attempting to improve the look a a shockwave 3d environment;

in LW I am baking textures based on UV maps;

the .w3d filesize gets huge when I have 50 or 60 baked textures;

step 1 - LW: export .w3d without any textures
step 2 - director: import jpgs of baked textures
step 3 - director: apply jpg as texture to appropriate model shader;

how do I align the baked jpg onto the model in director?

it seems to me that the UV map created in LW might be useful if I can get it over to director, and then have lingo use it to align the baked texture;

any tutorials?



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I think the UV's come over inverted. If you flip the image in Photoshop before you import it into director you could then apply the texture manually. The one thing I'm not sure about is if your model's need to have a texture applied for the uv's to export -In which case I'd try mapping a small default texture just to see.

If you are having trouble doing this, I would recommend using the 3DPI to test things out.

Good Luck
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