How to run FPGA examples on PYNQ-Z2 board ?


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Hello again,
I am new to FPGA and NDI. We want to do further product development based on ZYNQ (PYNQ-Z2). Now I want to test the performance of the project from HDMI (V/A) to NDI on PYNQ-Z2. What should I do?
After reading the embedded SDK documentation, I found examples for zybo-z7-20 and zcu104. How to modify the examples from zybo-z7-20 to run on PYNQ-Z2?

I am new to FPGA and have designed and developed on vivado 2018.3. Thank you for your reply. If possible, please provide more basic help and step-by-step guidance. Thank you very much !

Best wishes!


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