How to record to FLV without an internet connection.


There are two solutions for this somewhat specialized situation. Neither an ideal soultion, but a work around until Newtek are able to add the feature.

1) From the start menu click on Programs, Adobe, Adobe Flash Media Live encoder 3 to start a seperate instance of FME. Hold down the SHIFT button when starting the TC interface from Admin mode, you can then ALT-TAB to FME and record there.


2) Install Adobe® Flash® Media Development Server 3.5 (Free)
Adobe link (free account required)

Once installed simply push the stream to yourself ( and use any stream name. See attached.

Upon further testing, the above may not even be needed, you might just be able to type in a dummy URL and stream name and it will work, ie rtsp://

More details upon request. The Dev. server can serve upto 10 clients at a time, so may also be useful for small events or on an internal network. Again it's not ideal as it eats up resources on a machine already starving for more RAM (so my tests seem to show).


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Well that's much easier!

When I am TriCasting, how can I record my Flash stream without connecting to a server?
Attempting to record a Flash live stream without anything in the address window causes an error, preventing you from recording.

To write to disk without publishing point, type the following in the location field:

Type anything into the Stream ID but don't leave it blank or it will give you an error.


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Yes and I did not research this all I did was type exactly what was in FME into TC to use.
Glad it worked,

bob anderson

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I'm trying to do this ( stream without connecting to a server ) to help diagnose a different problem, but I think I'm missing part of this. Am I entering the "rtmp://localhost/live" in the TriCaster Stream window? I'm still getting the "FME terminated prematurely" message. Do I enter this on the flash encoder screen?

My client is having issues involving streaming in 16X9, but the stream is saving in 4X3. I thought the save profiles would be limited to 16X9 options. Anyone have experience in this? There might be further variables involved, but at this point I'm not able to save the stream locally.. so I have to kill one problem before moving to the next.

As always...Thanks,
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I don't have my TC right in front of me right now, but I know what I posted above worked for me.

Does your profile work if you do send it to a "real" online address? I know custom profiles sometimes don't work from within the TC GUI.

-Oh and make sure you type something in the stream name field.
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That said, try these Flash profiles I made. They are basically the same as the NewTek profiles except I changed the audio from nelly to mp3. For whatever reson, nelly does not produce audio (video only) when using the VP6 NewTek profiles. These profiles work here.
H.264 will have to wait till NewTek removes the .flv from the file name or change it to .f4v or at least that is Rally and my assumption as to why H.264 profiles don't work.

So add rtmp://localhost/live in the TriCaster and also type anything you want into the Stream ID field.

The FME terminated prematurely error should only come up when using H.264 due to a theory stated above.

Copy the profiles to the proper folder for 4x3 and 16x9.

I think NewTek needs to address this once and for all as I see two problems.
01) The VP6 profiles are not right as Nelly does not work.
02) H.264 does not work period.

Take care and please let me know if this works for any of you,


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Someone had posted that the new Quicktime update patch in the Newtek downloads section fixes the recording to .f4v issue. I have not had a chance to try that yet.


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yes but new problems arise. That is why I am suggesting we keep this thread going but on the thread I posted above.
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