How to pin a mesh to a mesh using UV coordinate?

Well, as It was cleverly proposed in another thread, the vertex ID number changing with subdivided meshes (depending from the sub-D level), using the UV coordinate would be a better and more stable option to have a mesh / null stick to a certain part of another deforming object.
I updated the DPkit to the new 2018 version (thank you so much Denis) but I can't find a node network that would allow me to do that.
Any body has a clue?

Thank you.
Never mind, Marjan Moghaddam pointed out the new Anchor tool to me. I had skipped that one completely...
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Eat your peas.
This might not be applicable to your situation but here's an 'old school' trick:

Use EditFX to bake a selected vertex's motion and covert it to a null. Then you can parent anything you want to that null.

The downside is that if you change the object's animation, you need to rescan the object.

But the upside is that, because the null is a baked item, the motion is stable and reliable for network rendering, and it's easily exportable/importable for other uses.

I often use this trick to parent lights and other items to an MDD-animated object imported from another program. It's also good for getting a good 'tracking point' off an object into After Effects--perfect for attaching TC Particular emitters or whatever.
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