How to output main multi view via NDI on TC2E?


Hi all, any recommendation on how to output my main multi view monitor via NDI? My director is in another room and needs to see sources. I have a Magewell ProConvet Plus HDMI and BirdDog Studio boxes. They show up as input devices but not in my output options.


What if you split the connection to the multiview monitor, having one feed go to the monitor and the other go to an input, put that input into say Mix 4 and have the Director watch it using Studio Monitor?
Though, I'm sure someone will have a more elegant solution.


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If the director can use Studio Monitor, can't you just use the KVM output - or does that not suffice for some reason?


I was trying to not need another computer. I used a Decimator in between the TC2E and the monitor and sent the signal via SDI and that is working. I will try a PC running Studio Monitor next. Thanks for the reply!


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If you have one of the 32 inputs and one SDI output on the TC2E available, using NDI KVM to bring the multiview as an input on the system, then route that input source to a SDI output. No external converter needed.
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