How to map a PARTIAL label on a bottle?


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I need to wrap a label about a third way round a bottle, and the rest of bottle is clear.

I'm using the method of creating a label that goes around the entire bottle, and then use a mask to block out all but the color part of the label. So I have a color image in the color channel, and a black/white mask in the transparency channel that only lets the color part of the label through.

This actually works, but the part of the label that gets mapped out by the mask does not look the same for some reason as the rest of the bottle and I get an obvious band around the rest of the bottle. See image.
Any suggestions for mapping a PARTIAL label on a bottle?

This is driving me nuts!


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Why don't you assign a separate material for the area of the label? Just use the solid drill / drill tools to define the outline and off you go... . Since it seems you are going to use a rectangular label this will be the cleanest way. If you will stick with your texturing method you need to consider that your textures will modify your base values but not replace them. So you have to decide whether you want to control them entirely using textures or use a combination of both. I suggest to leave all values at 0 (or 100 % respectively) and go for the textures.



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Usually I just put label on the background, make a curve stick to the edges of the label, freeze the curve, make poly, bend poly aroun bottle as close as possible and drill-stencil it to battle with new surface option.

Then I'll either planar map label to new surface or make an UV map of new surface having label itself on the background. That's it.
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Why not try a .psd format image with transparent background, wide enough to wrap around the entire bottle, but with transparent to the left/right of the lable. Apply as cylindrical/normal and render. The openGL preview will show the transparent parts as white, but it'll render with the correct transparency.

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