How to lock buttons on TC1SP or TC1LP Panel ?


Hi everyone,
I'd like to know if anyone knows how to lock buttons on the TC1 Small Panel (TC1SP) ?
I was used to the proline shortcut MACRO+SHIFT but it doesen"t work on the the IP Series. It doesn't work on the TC1LP either.

Can you please help ? :)

Thanks a lot


NewTek SE
I don't recall offhand (and I don't have one of those panels to test with) but it I recall, the buttons combo was changed slightly in Rev 7 (AE3/TC1 systems).

It should overall work the same, but something like SHIFT+ALT or SHIFT+CTRL (or CTRL+ALT) is the combo with the key you want to lock/unlock.


Hi !
I've tried all combos on the TC1SP none of them worked. Maybe it will depending the version ?
On the TC1LP the macro+shift shortcut works now ;)
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